A simple and easy to use fat freezing machine that produces fast results.

  • ​Non surgical fat reduction

  • 40 minute treatment, no downtime

  • 4 x applicators for simultaneous treatments


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*Comprehensive online training is included.

Cryotec 360°Coolsculpting Machine

  • Principle of Treatment:  Cryolipolysis fat freezing

    Treatment Temperature:  -10°C to 5°C

    Number of Handle Applicators:  4 as standard

    Handle Sizes:

    • Handle A = 235*65*47mm; 255*65*55mm
    • Handle B = 180*65*50mm; 190*65*50mm; 210*65*70mm; 220*65*80mm
    • Handle C = 125*50*45mm; 135*50*50mm; 145*50*70mm
    • Handle D = 83*30*50mm

    Power:  2500W

    Cooling Power:  2000W

    Vacuum:  0-100Kpa

    Main Screen Size:  10.4 inch capacitive touch screen

    Handle Touch Screen:  3.5 inch capacitive touch screen

    Voltage:  110V, 50HZ; 220V, 50HZ

    Net Weight:  60KG

    Dimensions:  400*500*1200mm

    Package Size:  630*580*1300mm