More profit, less treatment time

Easy to use fat freezing machines

for your clinic, salon or spa.

Increase your
profit margins
All marketing
materials provided
Full operational
training provided 

Your return on investment

1 x 40 minute treatment

using 1 applicator £350

1 x 40 minute treatment

using 4 applicators £1400

Victoria Pritchard

We use a Cryotec fat freezing machine in our salon. We are very happy customers as you get what you pay for; a high quality machine that produces great results. The training and customer service is fantastic.

Dr M. Ahmed

We have cryotec fat freezing machines at all three of our clinics. We love dealing with a British supplier as they are very responsive and have a good reputation. As a Clinic Owner, I highly recommend buying from Sculptor Tech. 

Alexander. H

I am really pleased with Sculptor Tech, great customer service, training and service team. I get great results from my cryolipolysis machine and my business is thriving because of it. I would highly recommend.


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